Mission Statement and Vision

Our mission is to provide a caring environment of high expectations, individualized attention, and exceptional teaching through our youth treatment program in a traditional and non-traditional behavioral health setting achieving short / long term developmental guidance and life goals.

Each member within this community accomplishes this mission by:

  • Knowing each client on a personal and data-driven basis, through conversations, meaningful assessments, and highly interactive communication;
  • Promoting a consistent, caring environment of high expectations and accountability, and by creating effective policies, fun incentives, and opportunities for family involvement;
  • Being and integral part of our treatment program, in which clients, families, mentors, counselors, partnering organizations, and other staff members will share knowledge and support one another;
  • Using all talents and resources to achieve our mission

Preparing our clients for successful continuing learning opportunities, experiences and skills, by allowing them to build individualized, relevant, and creative agendas within a standards-based framework.